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Thread: Ram Boosters

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    Aug 2003
    do they really work? and they worth downloading? post your opinion. i need to know if i should get one.

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    all they do is try to free up as many programs as they can, u cant ever get more memory than you already have

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    I noticed a little bit of difference on a comp running XP Pro with 256mb ram, but its better, performance-wise to just shell out some dollars for more ram sticks

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    Originally posted by TheFilePirater@11 November 2003 - 18:19
    all they do is try to free up as many programs as they can, u cant ever get more memory than you already have
    My understanding is that when you open up a program Windows allocates "x" amount of memory for it to use. When you close the program, it is supposed to release that memory back into the pool. Some people claim that Windows is not very efficient at managing this process, hence the popularity of RAM freeing apps.

    I use FreeRAM XP Pro, mainly to watch my RAM usage. The only time it ever actually has to free up any RAM is sometimes after K-Lite has been running for a long time. K-Lite is a major RAM hog and will grab as much as it can and never let it go.

    Some folks around here hate these type of apps though.
    You can try one and see if you feel it does you any good...
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    What I have read is that windows will assign all available ram to some use. The only "free" ram is what it cannot find a use for. Ram is released when a more important use comes along. In other words 'free ram is wasted ram'.

    Why so little free ram?

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    Those programs freeze my computer every 30 seconds due to low memory. They suck

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    I havt noticed any difference.
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    i didn&#39;t notice any difference when i used ME, but when i upgraded to XP i noticed a fractional difference
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    dude, they work for 1 minute - 2 minutes, then u gotta do it again. sometimes, they take up more ram than ur using, making ur comp even more slow

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    I&#39;m usinf Ram Def XT to free up RAM after a game or programm cause Windows Me (yes it is still in use) doesn&#39;t free up RAM corectly, even after the patch Micro&#036;oft released.
    So it depends on the amount of RAM you have and the OS you&#39;re using as well as the purpose you want to use a Ram Booster for.
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