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Thread: The Secret Headquarters Review

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    Theshq is a ratio free private tracker that specializes in all things apple, including software and games for mac osx, ipad/iphone are also indexed. Also a handy place for finding comics it's well organised into subsections for publishers (marvel, dc, image, etc) so pretty easy to find what youre looking for or new shit to get into its the best one so far i know.

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    Nice to see another Apple tracker, considering BrokenStones monopolized that sort of stuff (as far as I know)

    If you were able to provide stats (amount of torrents, members, seeders and leechers), objective ratings for pretimes, speed, content and overall, and the seeding difficulty, I'll add this to the WTO. Thanks in advance!
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    Will make it simple, next one to post with a new account behind a proxy server in this thread will be banned immediately.

    Thank you.

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    I think my ragey post went to lala land. Why is this thread attracting that kind of attention?
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    It's not, it's always the same cunt that keep posting, the review and the other posts. I banned like 12 dupe accounts.

    Twisted way to hype a tracker?

    Closing this (for now).
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