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    Tracker Name:

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    Type: Music Vids tracker (ratio-free)


    MusicEye is a brand new Gazelle tracker specializing in video relating to music. We allow music videos, live performances, full concerts, and music-related documentaries.

    MusicEye is ratio-free. We have a thorough seeding requirement on any uploaded and snatched torrents. We believe our seeding goals encourage long-term seeding with bonus point rewards.


    Browse Page:

    current stats:


    * Maximum Users: 2,000
    * Enabled Users: 982 [Details]
    * Users active today: 437 (44.50%)
    * Users active this week: 918 (93.48%)
    * Users active this month: 950 (96.74%)
    * Torrents: 984
    * Releases: 987
    * Artists: 619
    * Requests: 1 (100.00% filled)
    * Snatches: 2,113
    * Peers: 2,972
    * Seeders: 2,942
    * Leechers: 30
    * Seeder/Leecher Ratio: 98.06

    It's not fair to rate them yet since they've just started, considering it's ratioless, their nice interface and people from are coming to share their music videos and concerts the site is pretty promising.

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    WTO'ed. Please upload the images to a proper hoster.
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