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Thread: Funniest & Most Extraordinary Ftp Server Contest!

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    Ok, I think of a contest with the most funniest & most extraordinary FTP
    Servers here ;)

    So here is mine:
    closed now (20:25 ~ 13.11.2003)

    come now, only as long as I am OnLi~Ne~-----yep.

    so here is an image:

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    It looks good. B) be careful about having mp3 and other copyrighted stuff, after all you don`t want a letter from the RIAA . try adding more freeware stuff and doc, pictures and maybe some comics. anyways keep it up

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    Ok, yes, you are all right - and I will mention this also:

    for all probably copyrighted songs: if you want to hear them it is
    up to you ...

    huh... someone... really wants to download an mpeg ....

    but what is this - retrieving failed - hmm... does this occur, because I have kazaa
    running? because one time a guy d/l a mp3 from me successfully ;)


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