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Thread: Cdrw Won't Read

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    Could an ASUS CDRW stop working due to failt ie. laser, within 4 months of purchase. I was burning last night and 40% into process it aborted. I was using a CDR blank when this happened (from a new batch ) I thought it might be the blank, but I was successful burning to CDRW blank.
    After trying again with a CDR it aborted yet again. The thing is now the CDRW will not read any disc at all, although lights initially flash on front of drive, the drive appears to show no disc when looking in My Computer.
    Is there a chance a) that the laser has gone this quick B) can blank CD's do any damage (bearing in mind that these are a new batch and c) is there anything I can try to prove that the hardware is 100% the problem, before I send it back.

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    Have you looked in Device Manager to see if the drive is functioning properly?

    You might try either 1) reinstalling the drivers, or, 2) uninstall/reinstall the device and see if that helps.
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    What software are you using when the write aborts?

    Could it by chance be a recent version of CloneCD?

    I have heard some others have this probem.

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    Oops! I accidentally logged in with the wrong user. I wonder if I can get that postcount back to 1000?

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    The writing side of the problem is now irrelevant as the CDRW does not read anything either. Am I right in thinking that no drivers are installed on an ATAPI CDRW in windows XP.

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    Have you rebooted since this started happening? And I mean actually switch off and restart. It is sometimes possible that the firmware in the drive gets temporarily screwed and a switch off is necessary to restore it.
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