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Thread: Name The Book

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    I remember reading something a few years ago now.
    It was set on board a space ship. I *think* the ship had left Earth for some reason many hundreds of years ago for some reason and the crew now consisted of about 7 young adults born on board the ship.
    I also recall something about very large computers that had caused some problem or another. I think there was at least one sequel.
    I enjoyed reading it but can't remember title

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    Im not good with books but Planet of the apes.
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    im sure it wasnt that but ty B)

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    Damn, I remember reading a book about human generations born aboard a spaceship years ago. No idea which book it was though.

    HAL 9000 is a computer which causes a lot of problems. But that&#39;s not the book you&#39;re thinking of.

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