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Thread: Fasttrack Central

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    what happen to fasttrack central? i miss it

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    click "FastTrack Movies"

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    I didnt think it was still there. OMG!
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    closed by the MPAA....

    i hope wont....

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    I didn&#39;t think I would ever see this topic again Anyway yeah that is the forum I guess till they get it back up but before it went down they were about to limit access to donators and stuff like that. As for VCDQuality they can&#39;t shut them down because u can&#39;t download anything from there it just states what movies are out. They already know about VCDQuality anyway.

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    fuck I just went to the irc channel, they got shut down by the mpaa again, now the .com is down and the .org (FTCBB)

    but it could be up as soon as tomorrow, they are trying

  7. File Sharing   -   #7 the MPAA shut down there backup board too?&#33;?&#33; I was wondering why the URL wasn&#39;t working...^%%#&#33; MPAA&#33;

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    I second that.

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    Actually Zin took over and was getting ready to open a new website for FastTrack Movies. It sounded like he was planning to go with voluntary donations. I hope one of them stops by here and updates us on what&#39;s happening.

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    I liked it, it was the second best sig2dat movie and tv show site after

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