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Thread: Bitttorent

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    Probably pot the place to ask this...but you guys all use bittorent and its a simple question I hope...

    When running bittorent through a command line I use the "--ip" (or whatever my ip addy is) argument. This needs to be followed by a "--responsefile xxxxx" argument. My question is what on earth follows the "--responsefile" part?

    I thgought it was a route to the folder you want bittorent to download to, eg c:&#092;games&#092;<name>, but I dont think it is...what exactly follows the responsefile argument line in order you can maximise your download speed using the ip address argument. The list of arguments proved no help...

    Many thanks&#33;

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    When u clik on a torrent u can just select the destination.

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    Yea,I just save it to my shared folder.
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    Originally posted by mrbump@12 November 2003 - 16:27
    Probably pot the place to ask this...
    You&#39;re right, it&#39;s pot the right place.

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    its "%1" as in
    "C:&#092;Program Files&#092;BitTorrent&#092;btdownloadgui.exe" --responsefile "%1"

    Note the double-quotes around %1, and your Program Files directory might be different. To add more command line parameters, simply change this string. For example, to change the port range, you might use:

    "C:&#092;Program Files&#092;BitTorrent&#092;btdownloadgui.exe" --minport 10000 --maxport 10100 --responsefile "%1"

    its in the F.A.Q.

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    Excellent...I havent found that FAQ page yet..its a great help.

    Many thanks for that


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