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Thread: The Dvd On Cd-r Software...

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    ok there is software that puts video into MP4 mode for you. this mode makes it so that you can put entire DVD's at slightly less quality, on a CD-R. does anyone know what it's called, who has a good copy of it that actually works, what else i need to get to convert files i've downloaded into dvd format, etc.?

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    If I understand it right you want to convert a DVD to avi, go to fro great guides on that matter

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    If you dont understand the guide or want another guide just google it. Always search on google before posting.
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    Not gonna work. A decent dvd is about 4 gigs on a dvd-r. Cd-r doesnt hold anywhere near that much data on a disk, think they only hold like 7 to 800 megs or something.


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