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Thread: What's The Situation Now W/the Lawsuits

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    i havn't really kept up w/it at all in the last few months. Are they still going after a lot of people. I was told at the start of it by some friends that there are groups of X treme hacker nerds fighting em and like buggin up their networks and stuff. is that a bunch of bull or not

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    I do not know if HackerZ are fighting against RIAA Agents in
    Night Sessions... maybe... maybe...

    I think there are still lawsuits going on, but I do not know exactly...
    ...but that does not stop me of sharing ;)

    ~nice dreams...


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    I still share to they dont scare me.
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    whats our situation
    we put our head between our legs and kiss our ass goodbye

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    whats the most recent lawsuit anyone has heard of?

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    They never realy sued anyone...

    It was all propergander made by the record companys...

    And all you guys feel for it&#33;&#33;

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    See below ;)
    I&#39;m not sure about the lawsuit&#39;s, but I imagine there will be some big headline&#39;s soon saying they&#39;re taking a cat to court over sharing music, movies and games and it&#39;ll turn out that the cat just jumped on the desk and accidentaly loaded up Kazaa or something when it walked across the keyboard and whilst doing so it managed to get to the search window and input the name&#39;s of some movies and stuff then clicked to begin downloading when the owner&#39;s knew nothing about it. I bet the cat will get sued for every last hair on it&#39;s back given what the RIAA and MPAA are like and how desperate they are lol

    But, people should be at least a little afraid of getting caught as it&#39;ll keep everyone on their toes and excercising caution (patches, updates, firewall&#39;s and such) to help protect themselves. Just don&#39;t let the fear rule you, people that do that end up regretting it and have nothing to show for it :-(


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    Originally posted by Cotton@13 November 2003 - 02:05
    They never realy sued anyone...

    It was all propergander made by the record companys...

    And all you guys feel for it&#33;&#33;
    Do you know how much it cost those people to settle out of court tho?
    Thousands of dollars.
    Might as well have been sued.


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