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    Type in any word under image search, and if you download every result, you undoubtedly get at least one of these pictures. I can't post a pic for lack of url addy, but it's pretty clear cut. it's just a white pic with black letters that say:

    Shining example: I looked for a particular manson pic. typed in manson. downloaded all 100+ results. got 5 of these pics. Here's one of their filenames: marilyn manson the nobodies mp3 warcraft iii we were soldiers evangelion asf dispatch train zip beastality anal rape

    I'm not complaining or anything. I'm just curious. How praytell are these pics everywhere? It's undoubtedly a porn site they're advertising, but why do ppl keep these pics for sharing?

    If you're gonna flame me for being a "nOOb moron" then just keep your rudeness to yourself. Your 2 cents isn't worth 2 cents to me.

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    A lot of people dont look threw there loads of porn so it might just be that they dont know they have the pic or they dont care.
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    See below ;)
    You can probably avoid getting alot of those by checking the file size is over 20Kb, as i&#39;ve noticed that those are mostly 20Kb or less. Just because the size is 20Kb or under though doesn&#39;t alway&#39;s mean it is an ad, but the chances of it being one are higher in those cases.

    Hope that help&#39;s you avoid many of them :-)


    P.S. They&#39;re probably being shared by the actual company themselves, just tricking people into downloading the address and relying on curiosity to make them have a look at the site :-(

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    Heh....I don&#39;t mind them that much really. Thanks for the tip tho. I&#39;ve thought that it was just the company putting them out....the filenames HIGHLY suggest this is VERY intentional. However, I know that 90% or more are still on actual people&#39;s computers. Someone should hack that site and tear it down for the inconvenience tho. I mean, I typed "apple" for pics and got 2 of their ads. Eh, I don&#39;t mind tho. Small price to pay, and at least it isn&#39;t actual porn....which yes, I also got when downloading everything under "apple". Good thing I&#39;m not easily offended. Looking through the description is cumbersome. It&#39;s quicker to delete the crap after downloading.

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    All these pictures are size 320x200 so check the sizes before downloading.

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    That's a big problem indeed. It's same on emule - if you type say "teen movie" be ready to be presented with loads of porn results. While it's understandable why company would share their ads, i dont get it why people would share that porn, taking all normal results?

    Anyway, what I usually do is:

    a) take a look at size (as mentioned, it's mostly <20kb)
    b) take a look at filename - if it contains completely unrelated words (anal warcraft anyone?) it just has to be dud.

    Good luck

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    nude pics
    where are they


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