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Thread: Snatch

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    does anyone know the song in snatch when the black dudes were robbing the bookies?


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    I dont.
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    Originally posted by mystikaL1337@13 November 2003 - 00:39
    does anyone know the song in snatch when the black dudes were robbing the bookies?

    hava nagila; Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels; Klint - Are You There; The Herbaliser - Sensual woman; Golden Brown, Mirwais - Disco Science; Klint - Diamond (Remix); Massive Attack - Angel; Zee Germans; Don&#39;t You Just Know It. Orange Wedge; Ghost Town? i think this covers allmost all, hehehe.

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    Title - Artist - Moment in Snatch

    Diamonds - Klint - Opening Credits after robbery

    Supermoves - Overseas - Diamond Robbery

    Hernando&#39;s Hideaway - The Johnston Brothers - When you first meet Bricktop

    Golden Brown - The Stranglers - After George has been knocked out

    So Flute - St. Germain - Flute music heard through the film

    Dreadlock Holiday - 10cc - Tyrone, Sol and Vincent in the car getting ready to go to the bookies.

    Kosha Notra Theme - John Murphy - When Doug first speaks to Avi on the phone walking back to his shop

    Cross The Tracks (We Better Go Back) - Maceo & The Macks - Sol and Vincent hold up Bricktops bookie

    Disco Science - Mirwais - Hare coursing together with Tyrone getting chased

    Hot Pants (I&#39;m Coming, Coming, I&#39;m Coming) - Bobby Bird - First seeing Tony smashing a guys head in the door

    Lucky Star - Madonna - In Bullet Tooth Tony&#39;s car

    Ghost Town - The Specials - Seeing Vincent walking with the Dog to the porn shop

    Sensual Woman - The Herbaliser - In the pub, just after all the shooting when Tony is seeing if Avi&#39;s alright

    Angel - Massive Attack - Turkish having his arcade smashed up and the death of Mikeys mum.

    Are You There - Klint - Mikeys drunk scene

    Fuckin In The Bushes - Oasis - The BIG fight at the end and carange at the pikey site

    Don&#39;t You Just Know It - Huey &#39;Piano&#39; Smith & The Clowns - Closing credits

    Hope this helps, just love this movie&#33;

    "ze germans"


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