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Thread: How Do I Download?

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    Can someone please tell me how I go about downloading these movies?

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    Under search type in the name of the movie then click search. Then double click the file you want.
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    Triad - you&#39;re so helpful...remind me to give you head...or is it cunnilingus? Double click the file? Then....I&#39;m retarded - you need to take it slow with me.

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    I don&#39;t get it dude, you understand enough to post an avatar and mess with your sig but you can&#39;t figure out how to d/l? Well, we were all there at one point.

    You don&#39;t understand downloading the hashes and verifieds or you don&#39;t understand how to download at all?

    If you don&#39;t care about the verifieds, it&#39;s very simple... go to the search panel. Type the name of what you&#39;re looking for (seems you want movies, so select video from the list) Hit enter

    When the results come up, select one, double click it. Go to traffic, you will see your file&#39;s progress. When it is completed, you can play it by going to the My Kazaa Lite button, finding the video there, double clicking it. It should load on windows media player at that point. You can also right click the file, and hit "play/view in theater" to see it within the klite frame.

    As far as the verifieds, make sure you have Sig2dat. It comes bundled in the Klite program usually. You can check to see if you have it by going to your taskbar Start>Program Files>Klite> If there is an icon that says Sig2dat there then you have it. If not, download it from the klite page or reinstall.
    If you do have sig2dat, go to a verified thread in the message boards and simply click a link, it will download automatically and you can play it in the same way described previously. hope that helped, cause my fingers hurt from all the typing now hah

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    Can someone please tell me how I go about downloading these movies?&nbsp;
    never herd of that movie before see the pinned topics see verifieds and verifieds in a can go thriugh them till you find a movie that you want then click the link and the movie will start to download by itself ok ok easy


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