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Thread: Select A Supernode

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    For those of you who have missed the news. There is a way to select a specific Supernode now!

    This may cause a revolution in filesharing. You can get in touch with your friends now and swap rare files!

    Go to Fasttrackhelp and download an install Kazupernodes

    Add the IP of the Supernode in New Supernode
    Click Set new Supernode and restart KaZaA.

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    You should not be posting ip addresses of supernodes or anybody else !
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    Can't download the file.

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    Someone take that IP now please, you can get someone in trouble.
    As for KaZuperNode: Its an alright program, havent used it to connect to a different supernode yet because i seem to connect to good super nodes

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    Allright! I took away the IPaddress te reassure you all, although the owner knew about it

    Anyhow if someone wants to intercept IPaddresses of active KaZaA users you should know that this is a piece of cake.

    Looks like you're are missing the point here.

    Before Kazupernodes
    I rip a dvd, post a link
    link isn't working because nobody can locate me between 4 million users

    After Kazupernodes
    I rip a dvd, post a link, let you know my supernodes IP
    And the link is working!! he he how about that!

    Have fun

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    Can anyone help me with a litte experiment. I would like to try to get connected with Supernodes in any other part of the world. (but Europe) Just to see if its works.

    Please pm me some ipaddresses + the corresponding ports and let me know where you/they are located.

    Much obliged.

    I will keep you informed about my findings.

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    Hi Muse,

    there will be an update for KaZuperNodes in the next 1-2 hours. I added a new feature. This might help you with your little trip around the world

    You can download it at

    More tips about KaZuperNodes will come soon at the FasttrackHelp Forum

    The new vesion will be 1.2.0.

    <span style='color:blue'>K-Lite v2.7

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    Muse : check your inbox

    FTFakes : I&#39;m waiting anxiously your update

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    Trip around the world ?

    Its easy &#33; B) Use DynIp&#39;s

    Try to visit Germany :

    But , make sure that you know you way home &#33;&#33;&#33;

    Please check your Favorites for some home-SNs before you start your trip &#33;

    And please give feedback here , if it works &#33;&#33;&#33;
    KaZuperNodes- Support

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    Ok the last version of KaZuperNodes (1.2.0) is available. You can download it on FasttrackHelp.COM

    Bye Lens

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