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Thread: Faster Downloads?

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    Hi friends, as you can see this is my second post, so im kinda have alot of newb questions, but ill as one today. Do you guys/girls know how i can find more users? I mean i have alot of downloads that are "searching" "connecting"( why doesnt it connect?) and remeotely qued, ive been trying to download these Jiu Jitsu instructionals for about one month now, and they never have users online, in downloads once in a great while, is there a way that i can FORCE the download? ive tried finding more sources but it never works. Thanks for your time

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    and another thing, it always shows a user trying to get connected (most of the time the same users) but they HARDLY ever download from them y??

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    Do you have a firewall? You might want to check out Diet kazaa. Search on google and you will find it. It is also on downloads . com
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    is diet kazaa only for music?

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    Originally posted by wellimgoingtohellplayingthepiano@12 November 2003 - 22:50
    is diet kazaa only for music?
    Why?Is that all you are looking for is Music?

    If so then PM me and you and me will share a little time together.....alone.Just a few Questions and then I will send you on your way.

    FC B)

    *And another thing.Think about making your name Shorter.*


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