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Thread: Quick Draw 3d

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    Hi.. This would be helpful.
    I am trying to install a couple of plug ins for Illustrator. They both require that quickdraw 3d be on my system to function. I understand that it is part of earlier versions of quicktime. Just wondered if anyone knew anything about it. I am running an up to date full version of Quicktime on my system but it is not on here.
    Is quickdraw just for macs or is it for pc as well ? Which version of quictime should I look for that has quickdraw on it ?
    Also while I am here if anyone uses Flash version mx 2004 pro. I cannot export to quicktime from within Flash. I get an error message that something is missing but no clue as to what exactly is missing.. Just wondered if anyone using the same software had had the same probs and knew what to do.

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    Are you running version 6.4
    <span style='color:blue'><span style='font-family:Arial'>Msi ms-6330
    Amd Athlon at 1ghz
    896mb Ram pc-133
    Seagate 80gb 7,200 rpm
    Nvidia Geforce MX 420
    21 inch screen
    MSI 52X32X52 CD-RW (cr52-m)
    SoundBlaster 5.1 mp3+
    Creative Labs 5.1 Speakers
    Xp Pro Sp1</span></span>

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    No it is version 6. It is an athalon 700 but when I click on info quicktime tells me that it is a pentium.. not sure if this could be the prob. I would like to try these plug ins.. I did do a search for quickdraw 3 but nothing was found... running xp btw. I will try a d/l of 6,4 and maybe instal an earlier version


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