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Thread: Fake Or Blank Mp3s

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    Ok people, get this through your thick heads! If you download a file that is blank or not the song that it is named, don't just leave it shared so other people get stuck with it! Delete the stupid thing. If everyone does this, soon only the real songs will exist. I can't believe how many people have copies of fake or blank mp3's shared out there! It makes me sick.

    D E L E T E T H E F A K E O R B L A N K M P 3 s DAMMIT!

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    I'm a firm believer in deleting files that are no good. I do NOT rename files on my machine. People shouldn't ever rename files, just share them the way you found them. --

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    If the file is GOOD but misnamed, renaming it is a MUST if you share it!

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    mmm If I was a record company I'd have a few PC's running takes only. Kazaa is only good for oldies anymore. I user sites like for all my new stuff.

    as for names... people use dumbass names. I use Artist Year Album Track Title so when I have 800 meg of an artist, it's at least in the right order from explorer!! (also artist in Surname, then given. Like a index in a book, or a library - dropping the 'A', 'The'.


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