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Thread: Haha Read This Shit

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    Some guy posted this in user comments for a game.

    This is great,although i`m having trouble runin¬ it on my pentium 4 2.5 GHz since i clocked it down to 66 MHz,i`ve also tried to improve the performance by taking some of my ram out,i now have 640K
    after doing all that,i realized i was going about it all the wrong way,yes,what i needed to do was buy a slower graphics card,i went straight out and bought a 2MB S3 virge,whacked it in there,and sure enough it plays like a dream now,over 100 fps in 1024x768x32,thanks for the good advice,and mongladoob to you all!!!!!!
    Talk about sarcasm!!! :

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    thats really is funny, I mean its funny on so many levels
    I really appreciate you posting that, I was wanting a good laugh

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    read the reviews everyone hates it and the site


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