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Thread: Please Don't Download Cd Cracks

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    Kazza intentionally has Viruses on the majority of CD Cracks for games. So please don't mess up ur computer by givin them the satisfacton of downloadin it.

    These files have deliberataly been setup by companies.

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    very smart

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    A good alternative to CD cracks would be to use a program like Virtual CD Drive or similair.

    Also, use common sence, not only keep your anti virus up to date, but make sure you have a good antivirus to begin with. And check each file before opening.

    I found after reading many reviews of many differn't popular computer utility programs, that no one program (e.g. Norton System Works, McAfee Center) can be the best at everything. Thats why I went around looking for the best AntiVirus, the best Firewall, the best trojan defender, the best spam tools, best email clients, best system defragmenter, etc.

    If your going to be downloading alot of files from P2P clients or the internet in general, your stupid as hell if you think a run of the mill antivirus is going to protect you. An antivirus program is only as good as the program's virii list.

    Also have a good system backup software, so even if you get a virus, a system restore can save your pc. And don't think Windows XP's restore is the greatest either.

    My personal opinions of what the best antivirus program as of right now is PC-Cillion. Second up is Norton AV. The best firewall as of right now, is Zone Alarm Pro. SpamAssasin is the best spam protection for Outlook users, and for others it would be McAfee's SpamKiller 4.0.

    I'm gonning to make a post about tips for spam.

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    a simple no cd crack! why get it from kazaa or any other p2p?? if you just want the cracked exe just go to a website.

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    Thanks 4 the Virtual CD Drive, tip. Hehe download it from kazza. B)

    I have system restore and AVG virus software, and is good only, when i don't switch it off, when playin online, lol. Cuz i think it may be a firewall.

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    Don't download cracks off Kazaa. Get them from MegaGames or GameCopyWorld.


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