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Thread: Boost Ur Capacity For Search Results

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    What i found in my experience, is if u add files from other file sharin programes (ie/Win Mx, Morepeus) in 2 ur 'my kazza folder', u will get more files from other FSP (cuz i found all the files from Wim-mx for the first time in kazza). It is imporatant 2 know dat most of the top file sharin programes are owned by music city, and all there programes have the same file database. But i'd say its useful 2 use this tip, as win-mx and e donkey are terrible for connection, while kazza is the best. So u can use kazza more.

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    ok thats a totol load of crap sorry but it is
    just use the latest K++ edition and you get
    the auto search more option
    i did a search for 'deftones'
    and got this......


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