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Thread: Books To Films.

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    is everything.
    Well the book is always better than the film but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of good books to make into films.

    I was thinking I Am Legend by Richard Matheson, there's always been rumours about making this book into a film but nothing had happened yet.

    So any ideas of books to make into films? And who would you like to star in them.

    ps I thought long and hard whether to post this in Bookworld but thought that Movieworld would be better as I want to know any good ideas for FILMS and no-one goes in Bookworld anyhow. Please don't flame me for this decision and I'm real sorry for the Neo vrs Freddy thread.

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    Lets see. Well I havenīt read a lot of books lately. But a truly great one is "Beatles" by Lars Saabye Christensen. Iīd love to see this one as a movie. The novel is about 4 guys growing up in the 60/70īs and truly worth a read. It was originally in norwegian, but itīs been translated to english among other languages. Oh well this was not meant as a shameless praise, but it truly is a great read, which I think would make a great movie (or who knows it might ruin it )...


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