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Thread: Copy & Paste, Print

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    There's lot's of cool info here that I'd like to save but I can't copy, paste print or save why not and how can I save stuff?
    I'm new sorry
    thanks for any help

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    how are you opening the forum? are you opening in kazaa? if you open kazaa in internet explorer you wont have problems saving things or holding down shift in the kazaa browser will open the page in a new window or just go hereKazaa forum

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    You can copy and paste in kazaa without opening IE by just highlighting the words to be copied. then hold down CTRL+C to Copy. to paste hold down CTRL+V

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    thanks you guys, I'm an idiot, I haven't used ctrl for so long I used ctrl c then ctrl p ... you know P for print instead of v for paste. I forgot.



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