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Thread: Call Of Duty (its A Nightmare)

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    I have tried a dozen times to create the cd 2 disk. unfortunately during the installation COD does not recognise the disk and leaves me with no alternative but to abort the install.

    Could someone give me some advice please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have tried the share reactor bin files and created iso images then burned them in nero is this the right thing to do?

    Please help as i am running out of CD-r disks

    p.s. if anyone wants a coaster I have a dozen going spare!!!!!!!!!!

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    does the exact same thing to me. The way I got past it is, while uts asking for the second cd, eject it and put the disk back in and repeatedly keep pressing the OK buttong and it should pick it up.

    It does it again near the end for the first disk again.

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    Check your BINS for corruption with CDMage before you burn them.

    And install the BINS with Daemon Tools before you burn them

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    Call Of Duty Installed fine for me if u wont i cood sed yous the 2nd disk

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    You dont need to convert the bin to iso just burn it as it is with the cue file

    And a good way to avoid coasters is to mount it with deamon tools as Russo said

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    Thanks for all the help guys.

    The file does not have a .cue file only the bin file.

    I will try daemon tools to see if that helps.

    Otherwise night ass I might take you up on the offer


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