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Thread: Repairing Scratched Cd's.

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    Ok, I heard this on a UniteTheCows forum a while back. Someone posted a tip stating that you can repair scratched cd's using toothpaste. Now they didn't give any directions, just said use toothpaste.

    Anyone else hear of this or know of other tips. I tried the toothpaste thing, I don't think I did it right though, and it didn't really do anything for me. Maybe I wet it to much not sure.

    Any other, I'm to cheep to spend the $40 bucks on a disc fixer. Plus I thought this was kinda interesting, a poor mans CD fixing.

    [Remembers a time when author published that you can use penute butter instead of shaving cream and you can use Pesi to clean your toliet]

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    I doubt the tooth paste fix a disc, even if you use it to fill the scratched (non-reflective) area of the disc. But who knows, it could prevent a virus

    This is another poor man tip that really works -> HOW TO DESTROY A CD:
    1- Get a news paper (take 1 or 2 sections)
    2- Insert the CD that you want to destroy in the middle of the pages
    3- Fold/roll the newspaper until the CD inside is broken

    The newspaper will prevent that the particles of the CD fly when you break the CD.

    Aldo Vargas

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    lol, I had a teacher that did that in class during a test, cuz he was bored. Without the newpaper. lol, little piece flicked me in my eye.

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    Regular toothpaste (not whitening too abrasive) is supposed to work on fine scratches. I know it works on watch crystals.

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    you can buy a kit for like $7can i use it all the time it called allsop scrathch repair kit you can fix about 50cd with the sultion it comes with its the best one iv used

    iv only had to use it 3 times cuse i take care of my you??

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    Originally posted by zapjb@9 February 2003 - 06:08
    Regular toothpaste (not whitening too abrasive) is supposed to work on fine scratches. I know it works on watch crystals.
    Ok, see I work at a dental office, toothpaste comes free in my Now what do you do...

    Do you wet it a tiny bit first and then apply it with a cotton ball? Or apply it direct.

    And are you soppsed to do the circular motion or can you just keep your finder still and spin the disc. I sware, I'm going to try this.

    Lastly, any particular, hey you never know.

    Man wish I still had my Violent Femms CD. That album rocked. Can't even find it on K Lite.

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    i heard if u use furniture polish and a shammy on a cd it helps scratches ???

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    Why scratch CD's in the first place ? Do they itch or something ?

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    Try car 'polishing compound'. Works great. You can also use car wax. Don't use car 'rubbing compound' (too abrasive).

    And, yes, the best is not to scratch them in the first place.
    I have never had to do this to any of my own cds only friends...

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    See this is something the RIAA does not understand...there are alot of people out there that rip their CDs to MP3s so they can put them away and not hurt them.

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