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Thread: The Top 10 Most Wanted Trackers 2011

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    America, fuck yeah
    torrentleech, really?

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    Quote Originally Posted by temisturk View Post
    For ease of discussion/derision, I present to you all a summary: according to "Bathory" of "p2pgazette" a blog which has been running for nearly 6 weeks, the trackers most people wanted to get in to in 2011 were
    #2. FtN
    #3. GFT
    #4. SCC
    #5. CHDBits
    #6. TorrentLeech
    #7. FSC
    #8. TranceTraffic
    #9. Pedro's BT Music
    #10. DB9
    So the average bt user is primarily interested in exclusivity,Scene,HD and club music?I find that truly hard to believe.
    It's all Meg's fault.

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    Only reason I have any of these is that they were once open signups.
    LSS #1

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    There are only 3-4 that you should look for if you seek content based trackers others are just hyped ones and you will eventually let your account die once you will be in there.

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    GFT? I rarely see this tracker requested

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stabber View Post
    GFT? I rarely see this tracker requested
    The monkey in the article can hardly be accountable for shit.
    Chances are the real list is something like HDBits FTN FSC Exigo iTS ... you see the pattern.
    Ellipses go here.

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    DB9 shouldn't be on there.

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    By 'most' people, you actually just mean people that post requests, apply for giveaways, and trade/sell invites right? Because I'm am certain the vast majority of the global BitTorrent community haven't even heard of any of the trackers on this list.
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    Who are you talking to? The guy who actually made the list isn't on this site and never explained his methodology. Perhaps its really just the list of trackers that he most wanted in 2011.

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    I'm surprised people still bother requesting FSC

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