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Thread: Matrix Revolutions---now Read This Shit

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    WTF was up with this movie read on

    If all those sentinels that broke through the second time (the bee swarm) had just went ahead and killed the general in the mechwarrior suit (and the kid by the way) instead of running around in that "pointless pattern" the movie would have been over much sooner. The general and the kid sat there having a conversation and shit. What bullshit!!

    Remember Neo's mouth bleeding in the fight with Smith?
    Then why the fuck did he just "look like he woke up" when Smith used him to make a crater in the pavement? No "scratches" no blood no broken bones.............................but he sure bled from a mere punch

    How could the Trainman kick Neo's ass. He's FUCKING NEO. Why cause it was HIS program? but...........he's FUCKING NEO

    Why would the machines have to honor the truce AFTER Smith was destroyed? Just kill all the those pesky humans. What would they need them for after they got what they wanted? Turn Neo into liquid soup but don't feed him to the rest of the machines. Just let him sit in a bucket, kill the humans and have machine orgies for ever after. (they should leave Neo in a bucket because he might have source code or some shit in his liquid form and might be reincarnated )

    Why don't the Oracle, Smith, and the Architect just STFU!!!! (unless they have something direct to say) If I hear "cause without purpose it is inevitable you will know when the time comes" one more time I'm going to YAK my dinner and the INCREDIBLE HULK drink that I so often have now after seeing this shit movie!!!

    Hmmmmmmmm....flying into metal and crap such a high rate of speed....... with such a small ship......with sentinels dismanteling it....would kind of make a ship.................................CRASH!!!!! Niobe can be a good pilot and all but she couldn't have piloted out the the fucking DEATH STAR. Leave the loser, fuck Morpheus, and rename yourself ORIFICE while he does it.
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    is everything.
    lol that's a pretty accurate criticism of the film, it just had a rushed feel in comparison to the other two. I mean evn the Animatrix was better than this.

    The battle scenes in the "real" world were pretty dire there seemed to be about a million sentinels flying around and about half a dozen humans fighting them.

    And how exactly did Smith take over the Matrix, we see him "get" the Oracle (who strangely returns at the end of the film to spout some more gibberish) but we don't get to see Smith actually take control. I wanted see him fighting shit loads of agents or something.

    What happened to that french guy and his bitch?

    And as for the Trainman he can now tell all his buddy programs down the club about the time he kicked the ass of the guy who saved the world, pretty cool. B)

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    about a million sentinels flying around and about half a dozen humans fighting them.
    Was thinking the same thing and why the fuck didnt the humans have one of those EMP things or whatever they are in the dome for protection or some shit.

    I wanted see him fighting shit loads of agents or something
    That would have been fuckin awsome.

    What happened to that french guy and his bitch?
    Yeam man she was so fucking hot and how is it that they got Neo out and they didnt get their ass kicked. You would think them ghost guys from the second movie would have been their.

    as for the Trainman he can now tell all his buddy programs down the club about the time he kicked the ass of the guy who saved the world, pretty cool.
    yeah with one punch and Neo whent down like a bitch

    I think they cut alot out from the movie to make it shorter.

    Lets just hope a directors cut will be made and some better seens will be in it.

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    The only REAL thing WHAT i hate about the movie were the unanswered questions:


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    the reason that they didnt have an EMP in the dome was because they were all attacched to the ships. as you recall from reloaded, bane set off the emp too early when they tried to surprise the machines and destryoyed all of the sips except for the 3 where morpheus was.

    they probably wouldnt want an EMP in the dome anyways because it would destroy all of the human electronics as well. its kinda like lauching a nuke at yourself to kill an kills off the enemy as well as you

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    i enjoyed this film

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    i just think that after the first (which was fucking great by the way) they took the story down the wrong road. it should have been what the first promised, the war between the humans & the machines, not all this lovers tiff shit with neo & smith. its a watchable film but a world away from what (i think) most people expected after the first. i know nobody wants a predictable film but you have to live up to what you've promised your viewers already... & this really didnt.

    just a few questions aswell.....

    1. why the train station shit? whys he there? how?

    2. who the hell thought giving char's names like the keymaker & the trainman was a good idea? did they keep there job?

    3. what happened to the "the agents hold all the keys" stuff from the first one? did they think turning the story in to the smith neo grude match was a better idea than neo & the posse against the agents & the machines?

    there are more.... im just borred even thinking about it.

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    yo the guy who wrote the first message had me rollin when he said she couldnt fly out the death star aaaaaaaaah but yah i feel they left a lot out but i say the battle schenes were all hot but i be damn if they think thats how it ends they better come back with a 4 and do some explaining or its fck u pay me i want a refund o wait i saw it for free sssnnnuuuukkkk inaaaaaah house of the dead sucks but texas chainsaw massacre is the shizo peace

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    the movie had a lot of faults but i enjoyed it

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