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    In the older versions of kazaa lite, there is a folder called db. If you open these files in notepad, you will see a list of what you are sharing and what you have downloaded. Presumably this is the file that the user scans when searching for files.

    I have the latest version of kazaa lite and I can't seem to find it!!! Where has it gone to?

    I delete all fakes and I also don't want people trying to connect to my computer thinking I have a file that I nolonger share. Once a week I used to delete the text in the db file and it would recreate itself so people knew exactly what I was sharing. Now I can't find it!

    Also, once upon a time reinstalling kazaa lite would mean re entering the desciptions for files, but they all seem to be there after a complete reinstall of kazaa lite.

    Any ideas/suggestions/comments?

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    Found it!

    Documents and settings/username/application data/kazaa lite/db

    Under kdat, go view --> database viewer.

    Only works with kazaa off


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