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Thread: I'm Sorry

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    My apologies to every one,
    I've indeed had some bad days the past few weeks and posted stuff in forums which I better shoudn't have. But I also managed not to do it here in one of my favorite forums.
    Friends who visit my homes on occasion started playfully paying me back by posting on boards with my identity, as did they do here as well. They simply did it by logging on with one of my own computers. My comps are treated as public prorety.
    This wasn't the first time they did it, and it won't be the last either I guess, so bare with me or should I say us.

    On another note, I don't understand why you all want a codecpack if there allready are so many?
    And why all the moderators don't just email paul or vb with their ID's and preferred passwords so a new forum can be set up, all other members can get new memberships, what's the problem?

    (reads like an essay at primary level)

    Ps. World Peace !

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    Ive never noticed anything odd about you...


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