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Thread: Hate Nero

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    I HATE NERO, but only when it comes to burning vcds. Everytime I try to burn a vcd it says "preparing items" and it just stops. So is there any suggestions out there that can fix this problem, or if anyone know a better program for burning vcds. Oh yeah i have Nero 6, and i encoded the mpg's with TMPGEnc. thanks

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    why dont u try something else, instead of blowing ur veins out?

    alcohol 120% is another good choice

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    sounds like a bad install or a bad download, try completely un-installing it and then get it from you got 30 to find a serial #

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    Thats just the thing, I did download it from nero website, and i found a serial, but it just doesnt work.

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    I'd just like to add that I too think Nero blows.
    but for everything.

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    I like RecordNow Max.

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    i have a program called Fantom Cd that works good

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    I tried alcohol 120% and it was wierd cause i can only burn image files, and it was really confusing. i need a good program for burning cds and vcds, and i would like the vcds to have menus, and not to ask for much, but a cover designer too.

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    every thing you asked for is in nero, you should look into fixing the problem cause most use it without any problems


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