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    Hi, I'm wondering whether this would be allowed...
    I need 10 clicks from 10 different IP addresses...I know this is like one of those outwar things but I'm only doing this once and I'm not covering it up saying it's some sorta direct link to get a full movie or something.

    If it's allowed and you are willing to help, please click on the below link for me please.

    well actually, it's a full movie site, if you register and get 10 clicks you basically get access to some movie files apparently, I thought it isn't harmful to just try this.

    So if you are kind enuf to help, please do click on the link above. And mods if you think this is unacceptable then please delete my thread.


    edit: If you clicked the link, please reply as well, so I know who helped me out

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    Did it Just coz you came clean. Although, people wont still like it.
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    how about u get urself 100 proxies that are not transparent, chain them in ur proxy program and set it up to change every one click. so, u click 100 times and u get what ur talking about.

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    WTF is that all about

    Nevr liked that floating picture stuff...

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    Originally posted by Forum Rules
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