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Thread: Bt Tracker

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    Can you guys test my tracker for me and tell me how good or shit it worked

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    Finially you made one
    Tracking 1 torrent, lol

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    yes i was bizzy hosting web sites game servers and Team speak servers

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    page cannot be displayed

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    Complete Idiot
    Your name thing ses it all

    i take it u dont know about trackers then

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    lol, bless .... dont be to harsh on the sod though.
    Coz I dont know either ... well, I know its something to do with that url being used when making the torrent and it tracks the seeds, downloads etc .....

    So to test, use maketorrent and use that url.
    Nice one by the way.

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    Ok so you made a tracker just for people to use as they wish. Ok that makes sense, i thought that you would give the link, as every one else does that posts about their tracker, to the stats page, or the page where the torrent files are located.

    And yes my name does say it all, why do you think i put it there.

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    which torrent r u tracking?


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