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Thread: Microsoft's New Security Mojo

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    very true and informative article/opinion.

    Microsoft's New Security Mojo

    EDIT: unrelated to above, same source, yet very interesting

    FBI on look-out for foreign government hackers

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    Nice Article,

    I have to say though; I do like the fact that Microsoft is going after virus writers, and such. It's not like they are hurting Microsoft, their hurting the consumer who just happens to run Microsoft products, which just isn't cool.

    However Microsoft has constantly made an OS that has so many security flaws, and until XP was released, you couldn't even run over a few hours without the system becoming unstable. The messenger service is I think the worst of the Microsoft’s screw ups, it was one of those simple problems, easy to fix, and that Microsoft should have had the foresight to see would cause problems.

    And now the new BS that their pulling of only releasing patches once a month instead of weekly, because they think it will make us believe the system is a little more secure, well guess what it doesn't work, and all the company is doing is making millions of their customers open to attacks while they wait to release the patches.

    If it wasn't for gaming, I would have already switched over to Linux for good, but I love to game, and until the gaming companies start supporting the other OS's that exist, Windows and Microsoft are still going to rule
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    On top of all that, M$ is in works to include AV & AJ, search engine, advanced speech recognition and several other NEW "features" that would impact some companies, if not put them out of business.


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