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Thread: Do Web Annonymizers Really Work?

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    To put it simply I'm scared shitless about losing my ISP due to filesharing. Do web annonymizing utillites really work? It would be nice if all uploaded and downloaded data was encrypted and my IP address masked, but do they really work??

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    don't know much about the software but i wouldn't be too worried in general... i'm around computers and computer people 24/7 and i've only once heard of someone getting booted from their isp for any reason... his being that he was running a program called accessdriver that cracked into porn sites. you have to being something pretty extreme for them to really care.

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    I wouldn't be too worried quite yet. Just follow the news, and if there's a big bust of Kazaa users, then you might want to start...

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    As long as your not a primary filesharing host, the "man" only goes after the top filesharers. So you must be sharing thousands of files or have a b***ing connection that is allowing you to share files really fast. If your only sharing like 2-4 people at a time and there common files and your simply one of say 30 other sources, then ur not even going to be looked at.

    People who are targeted are child porn sharers and people who are responible at finding hard to find movies and share them. Like with Spiderman, people were sharing it before it was out, and the movie industry really went after people for sharing that, in the end only a small number, only 2 or so that I heard of, prob a few more, actually got cought. And usually you'll get a warning letter first.

    I had a website a while back that was dedicated to sharing clean imesh and clean grokster clients. Grokster emailed me with a 2 page letter telling me that I must stop. I didn't respond to them, just put a big F*** You! on the front page of my website and posted there letter for everyone to see. They got made, contacted my ISP, shut down my website, shut down my internet service, had a huge thing happen...settled. Took a few weeks but was able to get my ISP to turn my service back on (at which wasn't really supposed to happen but a guy seen my site and happend to work for my ISP and helped me out). Took a few weeks, I was able to get back online, I reframed from sharing, but still downloaded, I became a temp leech. Why the hell not right, I did my service, I deserved it. I have a new website up, having nothing to do with filesharing. I'm sharing my files again but not keeping them on my pc for a long time. I download a movie, wait a day or two,watch it, wait a day, delete it. With music I keep 2GB of music and after a while I delete the stuff I don't listen to any more.

    Basically I got in trouble for sharing a copyrighted file. I didn't get locked up, I didn't get banned from the internet for years and years. It was a pain in the ass, yes, and would I stand up againt the "man" again? Hell No.

    But I did learn alot about the law and what I can and can't get away with. Just don't go making urself know, don't try to be some massive number one filesharer. Don't be the first kid on the block to share a rare file, let some other guy in australia or russia be the guy who does that.
    Share easily obtainible files that way you can't be singled out. And don't share a massive 200GB of highly wanted MP3s on a T1 connection. Your just asking for trouble, unless ur on some small small network like Direct Connect in which your user base is so small you won't even be noticed cuz there is so many other small private hubs like you.

    If you must share a rare file, do it via DirectConnect, an FTP, IRC, or even via Instent Messenger programs. That way it remains a private thing. If your on a big network like Kazaa, because it has so many users on the network, it can be considered to be a public area. Thus you have no privacy in a public area. That is the arugment used to terminate ur isp. The idea of once your in a public area, you have no privacy. If your just in a IRC room and uploading to one user in the channel and it's a direct connection, it can be said to be a private conversation so your ISP can't give out your information. Cuz the Contatution clearly states we have the right to privacy!

    This is good knowlege for everyone to know. We all need to know our rights. B)

    Oh and if you know of ways/programs that mask your IP address, do tell. Be paranoid!

    Remeber Kids, Big Brother & Little Sister, are Both watching You!

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    ISPs can't just boot you 'cos you share, and what if they do? Just move ISP, simple as that.

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    Well I only have one ISP in my area that provides broadband so I'm back on dial-up if I it happens. OK ClearYourMind (or anyone else) I have to ask you something. I have only shared around 10 gigabytes tops in the past one and a half months. My most uploaded files have to be The Road to Perdition DVD screener. Could I get in troulbe for that? I mean is it likely. Also I have shared alot of games, some really popular, and have about 1500 other MP3's that I share. What do you think my risk is overall? Anyone that is informed about the risks of sharing stuff like that please post or PM me, as I'm really worried and I hate being a leacher.


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