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Thread: Winamp

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    Ok im always listening to music through winamp but im sick of accidently closing it off.

    Is their a program that can make it run in the background ??

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    u can make it appear in system tray only, and when u want to change album or track u just click on the symbol that will be near the clock in the corner.

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    yeah man thats what i want to do.

    Can you configure it in the options or something because ive been looking but cant find anything.

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    its under general preferences

    edit: just saw LTJBukem's post, i'm using Winamp 5 BTW
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    Right click on Winamp > options > preferences > display > show Winamp in ....

    At least that's what you do in Winamp 2, not sure about 3 or 5 mind you.

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    cool thanks guys, i was getting sick of closing of winamp by accident.

    You know, when you get pop ups and shit and you just right click then close on all of them and i hit winamp by anaccident

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    You should get a pop up stopper.


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