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Thread: How Many Peaple Thought House Of The Dead

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    Nov 2003
    that movie suck so bad what was on they mind when they made this adding stuff from the game to make it fell like your playing the game fell my knocker if u want real and y the only black girl got die lke an idiot ill take them u dummy run 1 slap u down she aint from the hood she would have know to run or bust u guns and ya need to stop going to harsh on the matrx its not bad they just had to cut it down they only want 3 movies bet when the dvd comes out loads of extras and problay a side movie that explain more that goes right to tape or something just to rack in more money or something other than that i enjoy tha matrix go see that not house of the dead or kill bill thas good or texas chainsaw not house of the dead lol im out

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    May 2003
    I think every person who saw the movie thought it was a total piece of crap,including myself.
    Thank god I just downloaded it and watched it for free.

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    my god worst movie ever made... i even watched Gigali that JLO movie and that wos 100 times better than HOD


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