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    try these in the search engine, flt , fairlight, deviance, sharereactor, dominion. and hey don't to greedy your eyes will be bigger than your belly B) B) B)

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    I know this dosn't fully apply here, but if you happen to use Shareaza, Piolet, or eDonkey... check out

    Also, if you use Shareaza and are looking for full albums at 100% maximum CD quality, absolutly same as the original CD, riped using EAC with the Lame codec using the Alt Preset. Search on Shareaza for Uberstandard. You can also find some stuff on DirectConnect, but DC can be a b**** for people not sharing over 10GB of good files and have a fast connection.

    I love Ubserstandard mp3's. There simply the best. I wish you was able to find them on K Lite. It's basically a html file with magnet url links to all the correct songs that meet CD quality and came from the same user & ripping program. I believe only songs encoded with EAC (Exact Audio Copy) using the lame codec and alt preset is allowed to be considered Uberstandard quality.

    Man I just can't wait for Super Audio Compact Discs (SACD) to take over Blue Book Compact Discs (regular CD's). There is already a quite a few SACDs out and SACD players are really becomming afordable. Seen a panisonic SACD/DVD player for a little over $200. I'll give it a few years and SACD will be the standard. The sound quality is so much better then regular blue book CD's and even DVD audio.

    EDIT: just added support for Kazaa Lite. And I mean just added support. Wasn't there an hour ago. There is VERY few files for Kazaa but i'm sure it will grow cuz there are tons of files for all the other networks that are on there. Check it out, join, and submit like crazy. It could easily out do once enough users and files gets on there. And the way it's set up, so easiy to navigate, I hope it outdoes FastTrackMovies... cuz to be honest, I think that site sucks... an ok resource, but website design wise, it sucks. IMO.

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    Just a word of warning, seesm the fakers are on top of their game - entering sharereactor etc doesn't seem to change the risk of fakes... just managed to download art of war (worst movie ever?) this way...

    what i find works well is finding the file name on sharereactor and searching for that

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    for movies go to those movies listed there are never fakes....for sure downloads out there...just when searching makesure the name and file size matches

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    to add a couple more:


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    ty for the kick arse search tips guys

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    Sharelive is a damn good website.
    Im gonna sign up there now and put up all my movies and music.

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    How do I put up my movies link on that website?
    Should I put it on the forum and then someone verified it later and put it on thier main page?

    EDITk now I know how to put up links.I just putted up two movies and
    2 songs of Linkin Park.
    I will post more later.


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