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Thread: Help With Vice City...please.

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    i need help with a vice city misson. im stuck on the first rc helocopter mission, the one working 4 the texan.

    im not, smart enuff 2 do the helo becasue u have 2 use so many buttons on the comp, and its impossible 4 me 2 beat. i want 2 finish the game myself without cheating the hell outta it. so i was wondering if someone could download my save game, beat the helo mission (marked "A" on the map) and re compress it then possibly email it 2 me at [email protected]


    pls i know this sounds retarded but this would be GREATLY appreashated.

    thank you

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    im "stuck" there too...I only tried twice tho...but lol isn't asking sum1 to beat worse than cheating ?? weird...

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    hey hey welcome to the club

    i've given up completly on that game

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    Originally posted by james_bond_rulez@14 November 2003 - 21:29
    hey hey welcome to the club

    i've given up completly on that game
    lol. we're talking bout the one where u get the bombs and u blow up the buidings rite? lol. that took me forever. only prob i had was getting shot a lot, and dropping the bombs and missing the garbage cans. but 1 trick i learned, when ur in the lower levels, lower ur helicopter, and the blades will kill the guys with the hammers coming at u. it works pretty well, but when u get to the top, the police shoot u, and u have to dodge left and rite a lot

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    it was a tough mission but nothing to give up over. just kill the cops with the blades too. and give a bit of lee-way when droppin the bombs. i recommend u do the top ones or kill as manny as ppl as u can first. the lower ones are easier. i beat the game like a year ago on my ps2. wait till the last mission, its crazy.

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    Heres a tip a friend of mine gave me before , before starting the mission , go inside the construction place an kill off all thhe guards first , and begin the mission easily . I beated this mission easily with only 30 seconds to spare, also when your helicopter is on topp off a guard , simply descend and the blade kills off the guard quickly. I avent played the pc version of VC yet but i have played it on ps2 , The last mission in VC is so fucking awesome.

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    I just beat the mission, using the standard controls no cheats with like 2:42 still left, it was really easy actually ONCE I "mastered" the controllers. Using your NUMPAD Hold 9 down and use S and W to navigate as well As key 6 to reverse. 1 & 2 allow you to turn left and right then its REALLy trying to track an instruction booklet for the game tho so i know stuff...any1 find an online one?


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