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Thread: Max Payne 2 Dl

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    I've tried downloading max payne 2 off of kazaa lite and shareaza but both have only a few peers to dl from. And the ones that do take way too long. from all the talk ive been hearing it sounds like alot of people downloaded it but i cant seem to find a good source. can anyone help?

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    bittorrnet will be the fastest, but dump sharezza, it sucks as a client, use
    and go here for a torrent

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    i dint understand half of that but we all gotta start somewhere... i miss the old days of being able to get almsot any game myth or class ripped now there's iso's and what not. cool thanx though

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    most all full games come as bin/cue or iso = a direct copy of the disc
    when you finish, just use daemon tools to mount or if you want a hard copy you can burn it to a cdr or cdrw

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    i got angry at my burner and smashed it so i cant do that until i get like 80 bux ,whatever happeneded to myth and class rips though i havent seen one in awhile you gotta admit they were so much easier they jsut enver had the cut scenes or what not

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    they still make them for people with dial-up, more have broadband and its just easier to copy than to rip
    they will have a mp2 rip sooner or later, but it just came out, so get the full or wait for a rip, I wouldn't get a rip of it, max payne is 50% story IMHO

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    ya i know what u mean i usually cheat my way through games just for the storylines

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    hey do you ahve any hints on how to get bittorrent to work it says its not a valid win32 file . sry if i sound like a newb but this stuff isnt really my speciallity thanx

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    yah, if someone could help me on that biotorret sutff. thanks.


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