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Thread: Seagate Expansion external hard drive replacement cord/power adapter

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    My 2 year old 1.5TB Seagate External hard drive's power cord stopped working. I know this because the hard drive works when I use my WD MyBook's power adapter. I was suprised to see that it worked but I need a new cord for the Seagate. So my question is where can I find a power cord for this specific hard drive? I would prefer to buy in-store, but if online is the best option then I can do that. Secondly, will any power adapter work with the same volts/amps specifications? Output is 12 volts 1.5amps. This is the hard drive:

    I just looked at my WD power adapter and it's output specs are:
    12V - 2A. This is different than the 12v-1.5A on the Seagate power adapter.


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    Any 12v power adapter with at least 1.5a will work.
    You can probably find something at TheSource, a universal adapter, just make sure it has an end that fits your drive.

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    Buy any 12v-1.5A adapter. 12V-2A adapter won't work & will damage your HDD instantly.
    Teh n00b.


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