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Thread: Anyone See Any Good Shows Lately?

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    I saw Ben Folds solo last weekend. I was working but it was still an excellent show. He's a terriffic entertainer, as well as being a great piano player.

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    Saw the livign end last wekend they came to Bathurst

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    Last show I saw was Vision / Tsunami Bomb / Strike Anywhere / Bouncing Souls

    Great show!
    Tsunami Bomb was rushed thru their set for some lame reason and fucking Bouncing Souls was late 30 mins But they played extra long for being late Strike Anywhere was just awesome! they sound kinda like 7 Seconds lyrically, and Rise Against, musically. I'm sharing their newest album and now looking for their eariler CDs.

    Had lotsa fun and found a lighter that lights up when you open it, fresh from the pit.


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