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Thread: Ps2 Downloading/burning

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    i'm downlaodin a PS2 game and I want to know how to burn it so i can play it on my modded PS2. I dont have a DVD Burner so when i burn games i have to rip them first, will i have to do this asswell? The game is Smackdown 5 and its 575mg so it will fit onto a CD but will i have to rip it first?

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    its already ripped

    you might have to patch it (cant remember how)

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    oh thats good, what u mean by patching it?

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    did you read the ps2 burning guide its with all the pinned topics

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    yeh i read the guide, so i do have to use daemon tools for this game? Coz what i usually do is put all the files on my desktop get a rip kit of the net and burn it using CDR Win. So what do i do?

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    what the guide tells you buddy


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