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Thread: Aliens Vs Predator 2 - Way To Extract Sounds?

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    Here's what I'm attempting to do:
    I'm making a movie for my media tech class that is a knockoff of the movie Predator. I would like to add some predator sound effects, but I'm having some trouble getting them. I thought about getting some of the sounds from the DVD movie, but often, the sound effects would have a music track behind them. So basically, I need a way to get the predator sound effects from the PC version of Aliens Vs Predator 2. People make sound mods for the game, so there's gotta be a way to get the sounds from the gamefiles.

    Thanks for any info!

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    You should do a google search for aliens vs predator 2 sound clips, or look around a site such as Wav download websites will usually have popular clips from movies if you need em'.

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    Yeah, I've been to wavcentral. Great place, but some of the sound effects for this movie are too short, or have a bad sound quality. I've tried AvP 2 sound clips in google, but I keep finding tons of info on the game, reviews, and downloading different sound mods for the game. Unfortunately, those mods are in a stange file format, and I have no idea how to extact the actual audio from those sound files.

    Thanks for taking a look!


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