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Thread: Adobe.photoshop.cs.v8.0

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    ATM im using 7.0 but what is the deal with this *.CS with adobe photo shop 8.0 ?
    Any1 tryed it so i know if its worth dloading ?

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    k sorry for re-posting

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    It seem that Adobe like to give us one really good new tool per release.
    In 7 it was the the Healing and Patch tool.
    In 8 it's the Highlite and Shadow adjustments.
    I've been kinda busy trying to get a good copy and I haven't got too far into 8.
    Does this help ?

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    My question is is this copy (the first link on the page) any good? I checked the post and decided to give it a try a while back (its about 95% done) but have read in these latest posts that some of the earlier releases (by paradox) are not the final version and contain problems. Should I bother completing this download or just cancel it and go with the latest tda release?

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    works gr8........... only problem ive had so far is that the whole CS is TO NEW........ noone has it (not our school, or the copy-shop).........
    great FTP site for awesome quality video clips
    yeah, you have to sign up, but its worth it


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