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Thread: The Riaa Is Makeing Me Download More

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    Hypothetically Speaking
    See know days i dont download music from KaZaA cos of dud files

    so wen i wont one song i just download the holl fucking album from IRC L L HAHAHAHAHAHAWOWHAHAHA Sorry i just find it fucking funny way to go RIAA

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    Yea me too. Before all of this stuff started I didn't really touch music (I just stuck to movies and a few games and aps). Now with people mentioning SoulSeek and stuff like IRC as good alternatives I've found you can get some good stuff easily and have begun download full albums of artists that I like

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    is everything.
    That's a good point...I get most of the stuff I want as whole albums from Soulseek or BT because of all the fakes on kazaa, and then stick them in my shared folder anyhow for when I'm on kazaa. Way to go the RIAA

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    Can someone translate that for me?

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    What IRC channel do you download this from?
    Changed SPAN settings in sig a YEAR after it was removed

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    i use

    and utheres

    and sum i get from frends


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