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Thread: Bittorent

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    i've dl bittornt,installed,but don't seem to be able to see how it actually works.
    do you have to use it with annother program or something.
    there seems to be a lot talk about how good it is,good quallity films ect.
    i use kaz-lite and have used most other popular pnp,s in the past,but this doesent
    appear to work on the same lines.either that or i'm just dim.

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    You need to read the Bittorrent FAQ which you can find on google.

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    got to and download from there.

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    i use bittorrent to get movies onto kazaa i currently have a the dvd-screener of american wedding on kazaa, i use kazaa lite also.

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    read teh guide thats on here how to use it you willl have np

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    Originally posted by Adster@16 November 2003 - 05:38
    read teh guide thats on here how to use it you willl have np
    5000 posts, Ad, congrats
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    hi gidser&#33;

    I am nice but dim too

    Have not downloaded bittorrent yet, just read the bittorrent FAQ but could not find anything about the compatability of Kl and bittorrent. Can I use both on the same pc - I am already having problems with KL crashing and freezing my computer (WinXP)?

    What is the difference in practical (NOT technical) terms anyway? Are there more of the latest movies available?

    On KL I cannot find a genuine file for "Master and Commander", "Love Actually", "Timeline", "Elf", "Brother Bear" (the last two preparing for Xmas: keeping the kiddies occupied). Would I find these movies on bittorrent?

    Several people (what would this forum be without MUSLEMAN ) were kind enough to suggest Verified Downloads to avoid all the fake files but the problem is that Verified Downloads do not have any of the newer films.

    Any suggestions anyone? MUSLEMAN, AUTUMN FOX

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    Benno's Avatar Poster
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    Yeah you can use both on the same PC

    On BT movies are often available earlier and faster but they are just available for a certain time, its not the same as in kazaa where you can search and download you can just get for what you find torrents file on site as for example

    I dont know about the movies you asked but im pretty sure i&#39;ve seen elf lately somewhere

    What would this forum be without MUSLEMAN
    A whole lot less spam

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    Thanks Benno&#33;

    I&#39;ll download BT asap and start looking for "ELF" - there will be 4 screaming kids to entertain at Xmas after all.


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