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    hey, does anyone know what happened to the site? i used to go there to get my rom links and stuff but now it's gone, and i don't know where to download capcom roms and neo geo you? oh yeah, that site seems to have died too.....

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    I think you're behind the times man. removed all it's links like a year ago. I think all they have now are emulators and a sort of online checklist for all the ROMs.

    And if you want emulators, I suggest that you go to

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    no way, like i remember checking that site back in the middle of summer, and it was still there......they "claimed" that it got shut down but i found out they still had hella arcade roms........but now, that i haven't visited them in like months, i don't see their site up no more...

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    yup...although on the main site, claimed that they have removed all links to roms, u could still get roms if u logged in and went to the info page of the rom u were looking for. it was still there jus roughly 2 months ago...seems like its dead now...

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    shit, so do you guys know a good replacement for that site?

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    alright, how about neo geo and arcade roms? i gotta find a replacement for mame, damn..that site was so cool.....and it's down now, and IT WAS IN all there is are those foreign sites that i can't read where the fuck i'm clicking at.......

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    I remember the best site back then was something called "EmuInfinity".. they had like 1,000s of roms for Snes, Sega, GB, Mame, and Nintendo... bastards got shut down though.. I got like 40 diff games off there when i found out about Super Nintendo Emulation on computers awhile back.. how fun hehe.

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