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Thread: Printer Problem

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    I have a canon s750 which uptill a couple of weeks ago worked fine, since then i have done a system restore and now it will not print text or black. I have changed cartridge 3 times, cable twice and driver twice - has any body got any ideas

    many thanx

    ps running under xp

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    It might just be a coincidence that the printhead failed at the same time you restored. I can think of no reason why just black would fail to print after a system restore. Its more likely the printhead went bad and it just happened to have happened at the same time as your restore. If all else fails try removing the printhead and soaking it in rubbing alcohol for a few days to try and unclog the black line. Then run the maintenance/cleaning app and print over and over to see if you can get black back.

    Just to quell your curiosity about the restore causing the problem, see if you can take it to a friends to see if it prints black on his PC.


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