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Thread: Nba All-star Game

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    amen funky

    and sockfulloflove im a warriors fan too arenas and were impressive representin'

    jordan is of course the best player of all time.........and yeah..........he still got some game

    Glad to see KG play the way he did and get the mvp he had a strong showing!! (i thought for sure jordan was gonna be the MVP not that i really wanted him to win but i just figured considering the whole last year thing and on top of that being the allstar of allstars scoring the more points than anyone else in their allstar carrer eh hes gonna get it)

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    and how bout miss Careys dress wow
    i know its mariah carrey but .....
    damn she looked good
    at least better than usual
    know what im sayin

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    Think they have to hang Kobe for even trying to shoot. If he had some respect he had MJ have his gamewinner (beautifull score). MJ had certainly been the MVP. 2nd overtime was to much. Think if the east had one good center they are the better team. But they miss that. Vince Carter was oké before but made my day by letting Jordan star.

    All the Jordan fans should download Jordan To The Max, nice imax movie, beautifull picture.

    btw reason i give my reply now is i only just saw the game in replay. B)

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    Damn, I missed the whole thing, even forgot to tape it.

    Can anyone post a Sig2Dat for the game?

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