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Thread: Sickbeard!!

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    Hey there, been using this site now for quite some time but have only recently started looking at the forums, where i discovered a program called sickbeard. For anyone else who uses it, would it be possible for you to tell me the best way to configure the search providers, and which ones to use? It would also be nice to know if it is possible to link FST to sickbeard, as this site is probably the most reliable indexer i've used.

    Cheers in advance

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    I usually do it from the Sickbeard source and then recompile it. It's not difficult, considering it comes with a .txt that eases things and it compiles in python. Just grab the source, and check the format of how other searches are setup, then go from there.
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    It's pretty straightforward ... in sicjbeard look at 'config' and at 'search providers' ... there's a few of them ... I mostly use nzbs (dot) org, but any indexer that is mentioned on the search-providers page at the sickbeard-gui is fine, as long as you have an account there.

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    Darth Rings is advocating compiling the entire program from source code, for some unknown reason...

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    It might help if this was in the "Newsgroups" section, where FST's Sickbeard users would probably be more likely to see it.

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    You don't compile the program from source, but you do run the python source. It's much better since the developers don't publish windows binaries that often and you're able to have the latest updates.


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