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    Isn't the K lite design in comparison to other kazaas much more illusive technologically?
    I would like to know by just how much. Then I could acurately gauge how much a proxy would distance me from any further detection (of Riaa et al.)

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    the chances of being 'caught' with k-lite should be less than those of using the normal kazaa (if you use the bad IP blocker)

    however, the chance is still there...there's no such thing as a totally safe p2p
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    Originally posted by free2bp2p@15 November 2003 - 21:14
    Then I could acurately gauge
    Try this one perhaps...

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    Always remember to not allow people to list your files.

    It doesn&#39;t stop you sharing, it just makes it more difficult to establish all you have.

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    Thanks J&#39;Pol. I will use this suggestion. However, I still would like a link on how (1) the AA and others are (1)detecting and (2)accusing with those two in the relationship. If we could know how AA is &#39;dismantling&#39; the "new" code to establish a ground for accusation, we could be open about the vulnerabilities, discuss them in a private forum, and bolster file sharing.
    "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for war." Nor can we, in reality, wish to see more file sharing when no sharing on our part is whats really going on.
    I guess I&#39;ll head on over to the EFF and try to solve question #1 w/ ques. #2.




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